#3070 HSA Amendment (Custodial)


Quantity Nonimprint Imprinted
1-249 $1.85 N/A
250-999 $1.62 N/A
1000-1499 $1.42 N/A
1500-1999 $1.31 N/A
2000-4999 $1.20 N/A
5000-9999 $1.04 N/A
10,000-14,999 $1.01 N/A
15,000-19,999 $0.98 N/A
20,000-24,999 $0.96 N/A
 25,000-29,999 $0.94 N/A
30,000 $0.93 N/A
NOTE: Forms are available to be purchased individually, and there are no minimum quantity requirements.
For information and pricing on amendments printed with your logo and/or organization name, please contact an Ascensus Customer Service Representative at (800) 346-3860, option 2.
Additional quantities are available at a reduced fee.


#3070 HSA Amendment (Custodial) Join the multitude of organizations that convert to Ascensus documents each year. Our amendments can be used to convert most organizations documents to Ascensus documents, and at the same time bring the documents fully up to date. Simply select the appropriate amendment(s), mail to existing accountholders, document the mailing, and keep a copy of the mailing in your master file. Upon completion of the mailing proceed to use Ascensus documents for new account establishment and transactions.