#410 Universal SEP Plan Prototype Kit


Quantity Nonimprint Imprinted
1-99 $8.89 N/A
100-499 $8.71 N/A
500-999 $8.53 N/A
1,000-2,999 $8.17 N/A
3,000-4,999 $7.90 N/A
5,000 $7.09 N/A
Available only to financial organizations who sponsor the appropriate prototype plan document.


#410 Universal SEP Plan Prototype Kit This IRS-approved kit allows an employer to either establish or update a SEP plan, a SAR-SEP plan, or a combination plan (allowing employer and employee contributions).

This kit includes all the following:

  • Employer Eligibility Form
  • Basic Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Summary for Employees
  • Salary Reduction Agreement
  • Discrimination Test Worksheet
  • Top-Heavy Test Worksheet
  • Notification of Excess Elective Deferrals/Notification of Disallowed Deferrals

NOTE: Employee information booklets sold separately.